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If your business is looking to DO more and MAKE more money with any of the digital marketing services below then you need to join the Five Star Marketing Club!

The Five Star Club recently launched in beta by invitation only.  Learn about the unique features that only a Gold Five Star Club membership can provide!

Local Free Advertising Audit

Don't miss out on all the free advertising for your local business.  Make sure you optimize your free ads and listings.

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Video Courses Library

Access our 400+ video library full of relevant, easy-to-understand info. The videos go step by step to explain using social media and other online money-making tactics.

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Monthly Workshops

Each month we create new over-the-shoulder trainings, checklists, live webinars and other resources to help you accomplish specific goals to save you time and money.

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Wholesale Rates

Did you know many agencies, consultants and media companies buy services from a third-party at wholesale and just resell them?  Save money when you buy at wholesale.

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Discount Directory

Save money on training courses.  Access over 400+ videos in our training library on everything from Google & Facebook to Graphic Design & Listing Building.

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Group Buying

Working together as a group we can provide access to more tools and resources at discounted rates when we combine the purchasing power of our members.

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Social Club Sites

Special software helps you publish and optimize your business news and special offers to be shared on your customer's favorite social media platform.  

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WootText SMS

Reach people instantly on their smartphones.  Don't get ignored in a social media news feed.  Instead send your message directly and ensure it gets read.

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GEO Coupons

Create mobile optimized coupons, build your email and text messaging lists.  Display different coupons based on the customer's location.

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Timeline Marketing

Help prospective customers through their "buyer's timeline" through the stages of aware, want, know, like, trust, buy, repeat and refer.

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Lead Generation

Use lead magnets to attract new customers to your business.  Our checklists and hiring guides will help prospects choose your business.

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Monthly Newsletter

Every business has some form of news to share each month.  Use our social content hub to easily publish news and reach your customers in multiple channels.

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Knowledge is power.  Numerous features help you know more about your marketing efforts, available options and what's working to grow your business.

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Make more and do more when you save money through member discounts, wholesale rates, group coops, group projects and more.

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Grow your business when you are better connected with your current and future customers through social media, email and text messaging.  

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Wholesale Buying Club, Monthly Magazine, Affiliate Program and much more.  Price: $0.



All Bronze features plus more savings with 50% Markup Discounts on over 200 services,  400+ Video Training Library, Full Access to Mastermind Groups, Groups Projects, and much more. Over 40+ benefits for just $25/month. 



All Bronze and Silver features plus web hosting, Wordpress hosting, Social Club sites, Email marketing, Text messaging, Mobile Coupons, Monthly Workshops and more.  Over 70+ benefits for just $50/month.