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Social Offers

Here’s your chance to turn every single social media post into a lead generation opportunity!

This a game-changer that that is only possible with the right software.

Imagine if you were able to post engaging content twice a day on Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more knowing that each post could lead to new sales, customers and referrals. 


Using special software, we are able to turn each social post with a link into a special offer.

Social Post With Special Link

Our software submits the content to the social media site like Facebook with a special link.  When this special link is clicked, users are taken to a special site with the article on it.  In fact, in more cases, people don’t even realize they are on our special site.

Since they clicked our special link that goes to our special page, we can pop up an offer as shown below.

In this example for a Chiropractor, someone may have been interested in learning more about chiropractic pillows.

Special Pop-up Page

Once clicked, the article appears.  You’ll notice in this example it appears you are on the site (see #1).

But if you look at the link (see #2), you will notice it is not the site.  This allows us to display the pop-up over the article a few seconds after they start reading (see #3).

Our pop-up displays your logo and special offer asking them if they want to learn more.  If they click “Yes” they are then taken to our special offer page to request a coupon.

Special Offer Page

The special offer page provides additional details about the special deal they can get.  To get the coupon, they just fill out the form.

Thank You Page

After filling out the form they are taken to a “Thank You” page where they can either visit your web site or view coupon voucher.

Redemption Email

An email is also sent after filling out the form with a link to view the coupon voucher.  This means they can take advantage of the coupon any time before expiration.

Redemption Page

The redemption page includes the coupon code they can mention or use.  It also includes a redemption button that can make the coupon good for only one use.  It also can be a way to track redemptions.


Many agencies charge hundreds to dollars each month to setup social offers.  Five Star Club Members  can save substantially.  You may be able to take advantage of special offers including free setup and free bonus months of service.   Please contact support for a price quote.

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