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The Five Star Marketing Club can help you get connected and stay connected with your current customers through several marketing channels including email, text, and social media.  Connect with more new customers by taking advantage of free and paid advertising opportunities.  Connect with like minded business owners and marketers to avoid mistakes, work together on projects and save money with group projects and group coops.   

With Your Customers

Social Media

Connect with customers where they hang out.  Our video courses will help you get started with Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram and more.

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Text Marketing

Make sure your message gets delivered instantly with text messaging right to their smart phone.  Text messaging avoids email filters and social media algorithms.

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Email Marketing

Email is still the best way to directly reach most of your customers.  Avoid social media algorithms and get your message delivered.

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Monthly Newsletter

Every business has some form of news to share each month.  Use our social content hub to easily publish news and reach your customers in multiple channels.

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Monthly Promotions

Use your GEO Coupon tool to create new special offers each month.  Share your special offers via email, text and social media.

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With Potential New Customers

Timeline Marketing

Help prospective customers through their "buyer's timeline" through the stages of aware, want, know, like, trust, buy, repeat and refer.

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Lead Generation

Use lead magnets to attract new customers to your business.  Our checklists and hiring guides will help prospects choose your business.

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Make sure you have the correct information on directory sites and take advantage of all the free features they offer.

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Connect with more new customers when you take advantage of more free advertising.  Learn to take advantage of paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

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Group Coops

Partner with other businesses who are wanting to reach the same customers in the same area.  Amplify your advertising dollars while reducing your costs.

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With Other Business Owners

Five Star Groups

Join groups of other like-minded business owners and marketers.  Share ideas, resources, what's working now and avoid costly mistakes.

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Private Social Network

Five Star Groups are part of a private social network for members only.  You can also create your own private groups in our private social network.

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Group Projects

Work with other business owners to create marketing campaigns and split the production costs.  Combine your experience and ideas to create more effective marketing campaigns.

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