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Gain Loyal Customers With Mobile Coupons

If you are not offering Mobile Coupons to your prospective customers then you are missing out on an easy way to grow your business.

Think about it, how many messages do you get every day and more importantly how often do you check your phone when you think you have a message?

My guess is, it’s a lot!

And you’re not the only one, in fact it’s how society has gone and the numbers are growing very quickly…

Now it’s your turn to take advantage of this phenomenon…

Today you can actually take advantage of 2 phenomenon – mobile growth and the love of getting a deal. Proof of our love of getting a deal is the sheer number of coupons that are redeemed in a year.

As a matter of fact a large portion of ALL shoppers use coupons….

The stats show that shoppers love coupons – especially in this economy – but did you know mobile coupons are proving to be much more effective than traditional print coupons?

As you can see billions of coupons were redeemed and mobile coupons are redeemed 10x more often than print coupons. This means that you need to be offering mobile coupons.

Creating Local Business Mobile Marketing Campaigns Just Got Super Simple And More Effective…

Before we show you what this incredible software can do for you..
… let us ask you a few questions…

What if you had an easy to install, easy to use software that would always give you proven, reliable, effective, and best of all FAST, marketing results…

What if this software….

  • Created Mobile Landing Pages?
  • Offered Coupons?
  • Geo Targeted Your Client’s Customers?
  • Had viral capabilities?
  • Integrated with top social media and auto responder providers?

What if that software included every single thing you needed to land clients by showing them practically instant results, and kept working around the clock for you to maintain those clients?

  • All day, every day…
  • With ALL of the HOTTEST Marketing Tools Available
  • Turning Your Service Into Your Clients Very Own, “LEAN MEAN MARKETING MACHINE, catering to the locals, with coupons and even rewarding local customers for sharing the coupons via social media…
  • Continually providing ‘Hands Off’ ‘Instant Results’ for your clients, and you?

There are certainly tools and technologies that can assist with mobile marketing but … The trouble with all of the tools is that there are just too many of them – nothing did it all!

With our software… everything that does work, is included, in one, easy to use software application.

Finally, the “All In One Solution” every offline business needs, making it stupidly simple to get fast results that will keep customers coming back over and over again….

What Geocoupons Includes:

  • Drag N Drop,Wigetized Interface: create HTML5 Mobile Coupons, Squeeze Pages, and Landing Pages with EASE
  • GEO Location Targeting: Advertise all over town with ONE LINK (They get the page they’re closest to!!
  • Daypart Campaign Scheduling: Schedule Campaigns by Day, Date, Time, (show deals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Monday and Tues only)
  • Split Test: Test unlimited pages/coupons. (Intuitive User Interface makes it easy)
  • Incentivized Viral Sharing: (get 10% off or tell two buddies and get 50% off!)
  • Powerful marketing tools, scarcity widget, deals remaining widget: (‘Only xx out of xxx left”, “offer ends mmddyy @ hh:mm:ss”)
  • Dynamic Google Maps Integration: (one touch directions)
  • Video Player: (mobile compatible videos are all the rage!)
  • Redemption tracking/limiting: (upc coupons are doable too)
  • Analytics Dashboard: (complete report customization)
  • Google Web Font-Headline Maker: (no need for graphical headlines)
  • FaceBook, Twitter, Aweber, Constant Contact, I Contact, Mailchimp and SMS integration)

Watch This Video

Easy to Use All in One Software


GEO Coupons is included as part of your Five Star Club Core Monthly Membership Fee.  Additional services such as personal training, strategic planning, and done-for-you services available for an additional fee.




Wholesale Buying Club, Monthly Magazine, Affiliate Program and much more.  Price: $0.



All Bronze features plus more savings with 50% Markup Discounts on over 200 services,  400+ Video Training Library, Full Access to Mastermind Groups, Groups Projects, and much more. Over 40+ benefits for just $25/month. 



All Bronze and Silver features plus web hosting, Wordpress hosting, Social Club sites, Email marketing, Text messaging, Mobile Coupons, Monthly Workshops and more.  Over 70+ benefits for just $50/month.