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Harness a Proven Powerful Google Hack…To Get More FIVE STAR Reviews For YOUR Business!

Great for…

  • Restaurants
  • Medical Offices 
  • Gyms and Fitness Facilities
  • Salons and Spas
  • Construction Companies
  • Car Dealers
  • Vacation and Resort Sites
  • Professionals
  • And Many More!

We are focusing on “Google Reviews” because they count the most…
It’s the most widely used source of reviews for web users… and has a direct effect on a company’s search engine standings.

Even though “electronic word of mouth” is HUGE, 80% of its 500 billion annual impressions are produced by just 16% of online consumers. So why don’t more happy and fair-minded consumers share their experiences online?

Studies show Only Small Obstacles can Stop Happy Customers from Leaving Positive Reviews..

Sometimes just the Three Steps Google has for leaving a review will deter positive reviews..
1) Sign In
2) Search For a Business
3) Leave a Review

Why Not REMOVE the First TWO STEPS and Drop Them Straight Off at “Leave a Review”?  That what this software does and it is the best way to help in getting Positive Reviews, Increasing Customer Engagement and Helping Business Rankings in Google.


We create a customized reveiw form with your personalized video invitation to leave a review.  If the review is 4 or 5 stars, then they are taken directly the Google Review page for your business. 

This does 2 important things:

1)  It makes it easier for your customers to leave a google review by eliminating the need to sign in and search for your business on Google.

2)  It prevents negative reviews by re-directing 3 star reviews and below to a form to gather information and send it directly to you rather than Google!


It’s much better to have negative reviews sent directly to your business and NOT Google.  This allows you to rectify the issue and keep them as a happy customer.

Here are the facts: If someone wants to say something bad about a business they’ll find a way. But another fact stands as well, most will be happy sounding off to management and most will also be satisfied by a prompt response from the business.. In most cases unsatisfied customers/reviewers have no other outlet to be heard by the business (Until Now)!

What this tool does is curb the unnecessary negative reviews (which turns out to be most of them) because there’s no other way to vent.. It’s a fact that a Business with out a plan to control their negative reviews will end up with more than a businesses that has a plan.. The idea here is to Protect the most vulnerable (and damaging) effects of negative reviews, and not to let those reviews damage the overall stature of a business in Google’s eyes (ie: Rankings).  Which could be detrimental to a local businesses..

Plus, it’s proven fact that the more direct attention a business can give to negative issues as they arise, the easier it will be to maintain a good business reputation. That’s exactly what this easy to use software does.


Customize The Rating Page

The rating page can be branded with your company logo and colors.  We can also add a personalized YouTube video asking your customers to leave a review.

Customize The Negative Review Page

The review page can be branded with your company logo and colors.  We can also add a personalized YouTube video asking for their feedback so you can make improvements.  You can also require name and email if you like.  You can forward the negative review to multiple people in your company.


The software generates an external link that can be used on any site.  You can also use the link in emails or use it with a “url shortner” and “qr code” generator.

Publish Your Review Link

  • Add Review Link On Your Website
  • Email Links
  • Social Links
  • Text Links
  • QR Codes
  • Printable Handouts


For most businesses, Google reviews matter.  If they matter to you, you need a system to generate more positive reviews and prevent negative reviews.  That’s what this simple systems does and it’s included FREE for Silver and Gold members.

Prevents Negative Reviews From Appearing On Google


Personalized Video Review Request

Links Directly To Google For Positive Reviews

Branded To Your Business

Get Immediate Notifications by Email

Drive Reviews To Your Review Link

Optional Addons

Local Review Pro is normally hosted as a service.  We install and configure your account for you.  If you prefer even more options, you can have it installed on your Social Club Site.  This enables additional features such as a dashboard showing reviews that have been left.  If you currently have a wordpress website, we can also install it as a plugin on your web site.  Please contact support for a quote and/or more information about optional addons.

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