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KNOW More about your business and digital marketing with our Free Advertising Fresh Start Audit, 400+ Video Training Library, Monthly Workshops and much more.  

When you KNOW more you can SAVE more, DO more, CONNECT more and MAKE more sales and profits!

Marketing Audits

If you wanted to check on your car’s engine, an auto mechanic would hook your car up to a fancy computer to identify problems.  An auto mechanic’s trained eyes and ears could also spot issues that computers can’t.

So our digital marketing audit is just like that.  A “digital marketing mechanic” will run several computerized diagnostics as well as several manual tests.

Local Free Advertising Audit

Don't miss out on all the free advertising for your local business.  Make sure you optimize your free ads and listings.

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Done For You Audits

Some problems need a trained eye to spot issues that can't be automated.  Manual audits available upon request (a small fee may apply).

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Do It Yourself Audits

Easy to follow tutorials help you use free tools to identify issues you may need to resolve.  Our monthly workshops can help you keep improving your digital marketing.

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Local Free Advertising Audit

Many Local businesses miss out on vital free advertising.  Our free advertising audit will use both automated and manual methods to identify problems with your digital footprint.

Free Advertising Opportunities Report

Pinpoint the powerful sites you’re missing, locate incorrect information, and discover hundreds of new places to advertise your business for free.  See how your business compares to your top 5 competitors.

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Free Advertising Reputation Report

Discover what people are saying about your business.  Locate where you have outdated or missing reviews.  See all your online reviews in one place.  Filter by high or low rating.

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Free Advertising Visibility Report

Find out how visible your business is on Google, Google Mobile and Google Maps.  Know if your business appears and where it’s at on the list.  Compare your rankings to your top 4 competitors.

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Local Search Audit

Learn why your website isn’t ranked higher with search engine ranking, off-site analysis, on-site analysis, and social media analysis.

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Sales Funnel Analysis

We review other factors manually that can kill your lead generation efforts.

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Social Media Analysis

Find out what people are saying about your business online.  Compare your social presence to your competitors.

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View Sample Local Free Advertising Audits

Training and Support

Audits help identify what to fix.  Our training and support will help you learn how to fix it for less!  This includes training and support to help you do-it-yourself (if you have time).  If you don’t have time, we’ll show you how to purchase services at wholesale and/or find vendors in our discount directories.

Monthly Workshops

Each month we create new over-the-shoulder trainings, checklists, live webinars and other resources to help you accomplish specific goals to save you time and money.

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Video Courses Library

Access our 400+ video library full of relevant, easy-to-understand info. The videos go step by step to explain using social media and other online money-making tactics.

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Free Advertising Fresh Start

Take advantage of more free advertising.  Take advantage of new features from Google, Facebook and many others.  Why not claim and maximize your free advertising?

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Knowledge Base

Find answers to common questions on a variety of digital marketing topics in our ever-growing knowledge base.  New content added monthly.

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Community Support

Our member help forums help members learn from each other with answers from our staff, freelancers and agency partners.

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Marketing Tip of the Day

Grow your skills through coffee-break-sized tips and training sessions each week. They cover core topics such as Facebook and Google and answer common online questions.

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Popular Courses

New courses added regularly.  Below are  just a few of the titles.  The courses provide a great starting point and our monthly workshops expand on the course with advanced topics.

Email Marketing

Email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the United States and provides an ultimate chance to 3x your profits completely hands free Introducing Email Marketing  Made Easy.

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Facebook Marketing

Tap into high-quality social media traffic and turbocharge your profits today with Facebook! 

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Google My Business

Google handles more than two trillion searches a year, and nearly half have local intent. Here is your opportunity to harness the power of Google. 

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Instagram Marketing

Instagram has 600 Million monthly active users and highest browsers to buyer ratio.  Now, you have the biggest opportunity to turn your site into an ultimate traffic magnet and increase profit at breathtaking speed.

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LinkedIn Marketing

Tap into the world’s largest professional networking site to grow your network and get highly targeted leads without making any extra efforts.

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Are you aware of how important graphics really are? Every single business in existence requires graphics in a plethora of ways.  Master Photoshop in just 3 hours and save on graphics.

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Video Marketing

Wondering how to grab audience attention and retain them forever? Harness the power of Video Marketing and generate tons of targeted traffic to boost leads, sales and profits without draining your bank accounts empty. 

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Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is one of the strongest marketing techniques to spread positive word of mouth and drive a laser targeted audience without investing a fortune. 

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YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the world’s No.1 video marketing platform. Boost your profits by driving tons of targeted visitors to any offer in any niche with YouTube marketing.

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See Current Course Library and Sample Videos

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