Marketing Audits

Know, Improve, and Monetize Free Advertising

Local Free Advertising Audit

Our 4-part audit is a real eye-opener for many businesses. It reveals numerous profit leaks and missed opportunities.

Free Advertising Opportunities Report

Pinpoint the powerful sites you’re missing, locate incorrect information, and discover hundreds of new places to advertise your business for free.  See how your business compares to your top 5 competitors.

Free Advertising Reputation Report

Discover what people are saying about your business.  Locate where you have outdated or missing reviews.  See all your online reviews in one place.  Filter by high or low rating.

Free Advertising Visibility Report

Find out how visible your business is on Google, Google Mobile and Google Maps.  Know if your business appears and where it’s at on the list.  Compare your rankings to your top 4 competitors.

Local Search Audit

Learn why your website isn’t ranked higher with search engine ranking, off-site analysis, on-site analysis, and social media analysis.

Local Snapshot

Local Snapshot

What’s your current marketing score? This report gives insight on where your business can improve performance and gain more customers.


Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit Report

See your score on social media with this report. We rank your number and type of posts and how customers are interacting with you.

PPC Audit

PPC Audit

Want to increase your online visibility while decreasing wasted money? This report shows you how.

Website Audit

Website Audit

Optimize your website to attract and keep new customers. This report reveals what you should be doing on your website.




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All Bronze and Silver features plus web hosting, Wordpress hosting, Social Club sites, Email marketing, Text messaging, Mobile Coupons, Monthly Workshops and more.  Over 70+ benefits for just $50/month.