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Five Star Marketing Club Studio

We bring members together to “Learn, Meet & Create” on key topics.  Some topics include marketing methods, marketing tools, marketing sites/apps, industry niches, local markets, case study programs, vendors and much more.

The Studio will become one of the key places you go to:

1) Learn more about digital marketing

2) Meet like-minded local and online marketers

3) Create new marketing campaigns

Studio Home Page

The Studio utilizes the same software that major universities around the world use for students and teachers to collaborate both in online courses and to complement offline courses.

So this means we have a powerful tool to deliver resources and help bring members together on the journey to get more out of digital marketing.

The Studio Home Page provides:

1)  Quick Access to your calendar, notification alerts, message alerts

2)  Easily search for courses

3)  Scrolling List of available resources/courses to join

4)  Quick access to resources/courses you’ve joined


Studio Dashboard

The Studio Dashboard is a centralized hub of all the course you are enrolled into along with your course progress.

1)  Dashboard Menu provides quick access to your calendar and course you are enrolled in.

2)  Enrolled Resources sections shows recently accessed courses and all course you are enrolled into at the present time.

3)  Find & Enroll in More Courses by clicking the “All Resources” link in your My Courses widget on the right hand side of the page.

4)  Progress Tracking is displayed for each course.  Just click on a course and you will be taken to the courses home page and you can see where you left off.

5)  Global Search widget appears on almost all pages and search all of the resources in all of the course you are enrolled into.  This makes it easy to find something you are looking for but don’t remember where it was at. 

Resource/Course Home Page

Below is an example course home page.  You will find the following.

1)  Breadcrumb Navigation.  This allows you navigate up the hierarchy all the way back to the Studio Dashboard.

2)  Course Section Navigation is located on the right hand side of the page.

3)  Course Announcements forum is where you can find course news and discussion about the course.  You will also receive announcement notifications by email.

4)  Progress Tracker.  You may check off the items you’ve completed and in some case the course may track your progress automatically.

5)  Resources and Activities.  Each section in the course may have pages to review or resources to download.  Other activities may include suggested activities and discussion forums.  Just click the link to access the resource or download the file.

6)  Resource Sections separate the materials into logical sections.  These sections vary based on the type of resource.

7)  Comments Blocks are located on each page that allows members to discuss the resource with other members similar to a forum or commenting on blog posts.

8)  Latest News may be contain resource news and sometimes may contain rss feeds from internet blog sites related to the resource.

Mobile App

You can also download the mobile app and access everything right from your phone. 

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