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Save Big Each Year With Our Wholesale Buying Club

Many digital marketing services are often sold by agencies, media companies and consultants BUT fulfilled by another company.  The service supplier “white labels” the service so the agency, media company or consultant can put their logo on the reports and buy the service at wholesale while clients believe they did work.

The Five Star Marketing Club provides members with access to these same services at substantial savings.  We have over 200 services from a growing list of white label partners.  Members receive a discount on the markup.

Here’s an example:  One vendor will create a nice website for a suggested retail price of $2097.  They white label and provide the service for a wholesale price of $699.  This means the markup was $1398.

Silver and Gold Members typically receive a 50% discount on the markup.  So in this example, the member price would only be $1398 providing a $699 savings!  Bronze members receive a 5% discount on the markup is still a $69 savings which isn’t bad for a free membership!

We believe in transparency so we have provided examples of the Wholesale and Retail Prices on services below.  Members receive a discount on the markup.  For more details, download the member wholesale price lists in the members area.


Local Listings

Is your business losing leads and customers because of citation and listing errors? Inaccurate or incomplete online data can cause serious problems to your SEO and brand authority. Maintaining high quality listings and citations is one of the best ways to put your business in front of potential customers looking for your products and services.


WLP2Local Basic249/m747/m
WLP2Local Silver399/m1197/m
WLP2Local Gold639/m1917/m
WLP2Local Platinum959/m2877/m
WLP3Listing Distribution60/y120/y
WLP3Listing Claim50100
WLP3Listing Claim - Additional Listing50100
WLP2Local Gold399/m1917/m
WLP2Competitive Commercial1499/m4497/m
WLP4Regional 2549/m1099/m


Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective channels to drive targeted traffic, increase brand engagement, build brand loyalty and listen to your customers. Make sure your business stays visible, active and engaged with your customers.


WLP3Social Posts: 2x Week235/m470/m
WLP3Facebook Messenger Chatbot38/m45/m
WLP3Simple Social Share Monthly124/m200/m
WLP3Simple Social Share - Annual12442000
WLP3Social Media Profile Design444888
WLP3Social Page Build125250
WLP3Custom Images
2x Week
WLP2Social Media Monthly300/m900/m
WLP4Social Profile Creation4590


Video Production

Online video is growing exponentially with over 4 billion videos viewed daily. Marketing experts say that one minute of video is worth 2,000,000 words. People remember video content 74% better than something they read. Video marketing is the best strategy to build your brand, increase traffic, attract leads and, more importantly, generate more customers for your business.



WLP3Videobolt -Frequently Asked Questions249299
WLP3Videobolt - News374399
WLP3Videobolt - Your Company312349
WLP1WLP1 Video 2 Pack3801200
WLP3StoryTap -Brand Boss874/m1748/m
WLP3StoryTap -Social Savvy750-1500/m499/m
WLP3StoryTap -Story Starter400-600/m199/m
WLP4Video Creation & Submission -Package 1120240
WLP4Video Creation & Submission - Package 25501100
WLP4Video Creation & Submission - Package 39901980


National SEO

Improve your website’s reach and effectiveness. Get your business in front of more local customers. Nearly half of all Google searches come from people looking for local businesses. Increase your visibility on major search engines. More traffic means more customers.


WLP2Standard Blog Outreach99297
WLP2SEO Consultation
WLP4National SEO Starter299/m599/m
WLP4Spanish SEO Starter219/m438/m
WLP4Directory Submission Package 1100/m200/m
WLP3Boostability SEO - Gold700/m1400/m
WLP2Competitive Commercial1499/m2998/m
WLP2Link Clean Up -Medium5001000
WLP2Organic - Gold639/m1278/m
WLP1SEO Professional2500/m5000/m


PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising is the fastest way to reach your ideal audience, generate targeted leads and strengthen brand recognition. PPC advertising is affordable, highly measurable and perfectly compatible with other marketing channels. Receive more calls from customers interested in your products and services.


WLP4PPC Traffic Plan129259
WLP4PPC Starter289579
WLP4PPC Standard399799
WLP4PPC Power6591319
WLP3Digital Ads Setup150300
WLP3Display Campaign500/m1000/m
WLP3Dynamic Facebook Campaign: Automotive1000/m2000/m
WLP3Facebook Campaign500/m1000/m
WLP3YouTube Campaign500/m1000/m
WLP2Thank You Page Integration + Google Analytics Goals Set Up149447



Even one negative post, if left unanswered can drastically decrease your sales and badly affect your bottom line. Monitor, improve and maintain your online reputation. Turn online reviews into a profitable marketing channel. A good online reputation will naturally attract new customers to your business.


WLP3Review Responses125250-375
WLP3Story Tap -Social Savvy500750-1500
WLP3Story Tap -Story Starter189400-600
WLP3Review Requests4080-100
WLP3Customer Voice13/m25/m
WLP3Customer Voice SMS 100050/m100/m
WLP3Customer Voice SMS 20018/m36/m
WLP3Customer Voice SMS 50060/m120/m
WLP3Reputation Management25/m50/m
WLP3Rapid Reviews7/m13/m


General Marketing

Online marketing is overcoming traditional channels to become the best choice for local businesses. An effective online marketing campaign will make your business stand out against your competitors, capture more market share and achieve sustainable growth.


WLP3Advertising Intelligence Advanced Reporting12/m23/m
WLP3Appointment Scheduling19/m38/m
WLP3Burbio for Event Promotion -Monthly13/m25/m
WLP3Business Card Design162323
WLP3Dashboard Walkthrough100200
WLP3G Suite Business95190
WLP3Max My Customers
Agency Lead Gen
WLP3PowerPoint Template Design5551110
WLP3Social Powered Wi-Fi Marketing62/m123/m
WLP3TargetEveryone -Gold2275/m4550/m


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective way to drive leads and customers deeper into your marketing funnel, strengthen brand identity, promote special offers and increase long term revenue. Email marketing is simple and cost effective. Grow your business with email marketing.


WLP3Data-Dynamix Email Marketing563/m1125/m
WLP3Data-Dynamix Email Marketing to 25,000 Recipients563/m1125/m
WLP2Email Signature Design150450


Brand Design

Your brand is much more than a logo. It’s the way you convey your company’s messages, values and promises. In today’s world, brand identity is one of the most important assets of your business no matter how big or small you are. Provide your customers with a consistent experience that converts into absolute trust and lifetime loyalty. Make your brand stand out!


WLP3Custom Brochure Design5501100-1500
WLP2Logo Design150450
WLP2Business Card Design132450
WLP3Custom Marketing Flyer407800-1200
WLP3Corporate Identity Package5621123
WLP3Custom Label Design6501300
WLP3Custom Label Variation285570
WLP3Custom Logo Design324648
WLP3Custom Mascot Design7311462


Website Development

Having a website isn’t just about selling and promoting. It is also about providing value to your customers and building credibility. If you don’t have a website, or you are using a ten year old design, you are losing business. A website acts as your 24/7 virtual sales representative. A great website can help grow your business.


WLP3Visual Visitor44/m69/m
WLP3Website Builder Premium22/m40-50/m
WLP2Basic Web Design4991497
WLP3Form Builder7/m10-15/m
WLP3Conversion Audit369738
WLP3Pinterest Posts :2x Week150/m300/m
WLP3Website Creation:
Advanced 10 Page Site
WLP3Website Creation: Basic 3 Page Site360720
WLP3Website Creation: Standard 5 Page Site5851170
WLP2Mobile Speed Optimization199597


Content Marketing

Content marketing should be a core component of every business owner’s marketing strategy. It is a great way to attract and engage your target audience. By providing consistent, valuable information to your customers, you build brand loyalty and drive business.



WLP3Blog Package6001200
WLP2Standard Articles (Up to 500 Words)4080
WLP2Full-Length Articles (Up to 1000 Words)13065
WLP2Basic Infographics400800
WLP2Premium Infographics8001600
WLP4Website Content Writing - Package 12550
WLP4Guest Blogs Post Writing & Posting Package 3250500
WLP4Press Release Writing & Distribution Package 2200400
WLP4Infographic Creation & Distribution Package 16451290
WLP4Q&A Posting
Package 3


How Does It Work?

Sometimes the agency, media company or consultant basically takes your order, buys it at wholesale and charges the client whatever they want.  In some cases, the agency, media company or consultant may provide some real value added services, strategic advice or relationship value.

In some ways, the Five Star Marketing Club is like a wholesale club like Sam’s Club or Costco where they are able to pool the members buying power and negotiate better deals.  Many service providers who “white label” charge monthly fees and require that you are an agency to purchase at wholesale.

In other ways, the Five Star Marketing Club is more like Legal Zoom where businesses and consumers can answer a few questions and order legal products without contacting an attorney.  If desired or needed, Legal Zoom will also connect your with an attorney who can provide specific advice.

The Five Star Marketing Club provides information about the various products and services available from vendors.  We take your order, gathers the required information and we work with the vendor to facilitate the completion as the project coordinator.

Like Legal Zoom, if a member desires specific strategy and marketing advice, members can use our Discount Directory of providers to locate appropriate agencies or consultants who can provide these value-added services.

The Wholesale Buying Club is great way to save for businesses that self-direct their marketing efforts.  It’s also a great way to ensure you are receiving the extra value from the agency or consultant who may be just processing your order at the full retail rate or even higher.





Wholesale Buying Club, Monthly Magazine, Affiliate Program and much more.  Price: $0.



All Bronze features plus more savings with 50% Markup Discounts on over 200 services,  400+ Video Training Library, Full Access to Mastermind Groups, Groups Projects, and much more. Over 40+ benefits for just $25/month. 



All Bronze and Silver features plus web hosting, Wordpress hosting, Social Club sites, Email marketing, Text messaging, Mobile Coupons, Monthly Workshops and more.  Over 70+ benefits for just $50/month.