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We start members on a 3-step process called A.I.M.  Stands for Audit, Improve, and Monetize.

(Please note: Silver and Gold members receive full access to the A.I.M. process and tools.  Free Bronze members have limited access to some features and receive significantly lower savings.  It is recommended for Bronze members to upgrade to maximize their benefits.) 

Step 1 – Audit


Digital marketing is constantly changing.  Therefore it is important to review your marketing efforts at least once a year.

Within the first 30 days, we will provide several marketing audits to new members for one location and one website.  Additional locations or websites may be purchased separately.

The audits include:

1)  Local Snapshot

2)  Local Free Advertising Opportunities Report

3)  Local Free Advertising Visibility Report

4)  Local Search Audit

5)  Local Free Advertising Reputation Report

6)  Social Media Audit

7)  PPC Audit

8)  Website Audit

9)  SEO Audit


Step 2 – Improve

After evaluating the reports from the Marketing Audits we help you identify key priorities.  Every business has different needs, goals and resources.

To help you fix the issues for free, the Five Star Marketing Club will:

1)  Provide you helpful information and recommendations you can share with your current agency or consultant (if you have one).  This can help identify key issues to discuss — especially if it is something you expect them to already be doing!

2)  Each month we will help you new features through various do-it-yourself resources including tutorials, monthly workshops and more.  We also offer Do-It-Together coaching programs (see case study program).

3)  Each month you will have access to 400+ training videos on topics such as Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Photoshop and much more.

4)  Each month you will have access to our community support center that includes knowledge base, step-by-step guides and you can ask questions in our community forums.

5)  Each month we will introduce new hands-on tutorials that may help you resolve issues without seeking professional assistance.  Many times someone on your staff can handle it for you if they just had the step-by-step instructions.

6)  We provide 50% Markup Discounts on over 200+ “white label” services provided by the same companies that many agencies and consultants use unbeknownst to their clients.


Step 3 – Monetize


We monetize your free advertising, you need to reach potential customers and current customers on the preferred communication channel.  Some people love email.  Others prefer Facebook.  Still others are abandoning Facebook for Instagram. Then there’s Twitter, Text Messaging and YouTube.

So monetizing involves seizing more opportunities, fixing more issues, repeat what’s working and scaling it it up.

We recommend creating a monthly or weekly customer update campaign that is very similar to a newsletter but with a new twist. 

For Gold members, we create a social club site.  Each month/week you can create newsletter page with recent events, recent news, new special offers and other topics you wish to feature.  Since it is a web page, you are not limited to just posting so many characters, an image or a video like most social sites.

With your web page based newsletter, you can now share it and lead people back to your newsletter page. 

This means one newsletter can be shared to all of your:

  • Email subscribers
  • Google My Business Visitors
  • Facebook Fans
  • Twitter Followers
  • YouTube subscribers
  • Instagram Followers
  • LinkedIn Followers
  • Text Messaging Subscribers

It works great to create one monthly update like a newsletter that gets distributed as a post in Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.  Turn it into a video and share it on YouTube.

The idea is to create one piece of content that gets shared on social media, email and/or text messaging that leads people back to your social club site where they can get all the details and take advantage of special offers.

If you like the idea, check out our Free Advertising Case Study Program.

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